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The Where And How Of Safely Choosing And Stowing Your Handbag Anywhere

Our handbags are our lives. They hold everything we need to function. From wet wipes and stationery to our makeup and beauty essentials. They act as our filing cabinet of everyday stuff and our armour against every possible situation. Take away our handbags and you take away a part of us. Simply, handbags everywhere, we love you. We need you. And please don’t go anywhere soon. But the fact is, that as essential as handbags are, sometimes they are crazy impractical. Want to shake your thing at a club? Wave your hands in the air at a festival? Or let loose at carnival? Your bag could be weighing you down. Or worse put you at risk of being a victim of theft. That’s why we have put together the ultimate guide for practical handbag use and storage. You’ll never get caught out with a bulky bag in an impractical situation again.


Find out how to deal with your handbag dilemmas, wherever you go, below:


At the Club…


at the club carnivalista


The music is loud, the drinks are cold and someone across the room is making your heart beat a little faster. The atmosphere in a packed club is hard to beat but it can be a tricky environment to navigate with a large handbag. Between squeezing through a crowded dancefloor, knocking over drinks and trying to dance without looking like your mum at a wedding, a handbag can weigh you down on a night out. And no, you absolutely cannot dance around it. So, get smart with bag choice, don’t give thieves a chance and if you need to, pay a visit to the cloakroom.  


The Bag Choice 

Bigger isn’t always better. Keeping it small when it comes to your handbag can be a lifesaver in a club so pare back what you need to the bare essentials. A phone, a purse, keys and any makeup you need to stay looking gorgeous all night long. A clutch is always a good choice as they not only look great when you’re all dressed up but can be stowed snugly under your arm, keeping your valuable stuff secure. Look for designs with a hand strap that will come in useful when you show the world your hottest moves (Beyoncé has nothing on you). Another option is a small crossbody which leaves your hands free to dance and flirt like a pro. Beware though, expert thieves have been known to cut long straps and make off with bags in crowded environments.    


Anything Else?

Ok, so you have your teeny-tiny bag, what else can you do? The most straightforward one at a club is to safely stow your bag in the cloakroom. But that can be a hit and miss from both a security and a time perspective. Do you feel safe leaving your phone, money, and keys with an overworked and underpaid cloakroom assistant? That’s always a judgement call, but if you do choose to leave your bag in the cloakroom, remember to keep some cash on you and be prepared for long queues on your way home. 


At a Festival…

The sun is shining (hopefully), the drinks are flowing, and you are about to see your favourite band on the mainstage. The atmosphere is amazing, that strange mix of laid back and completely buzzing that you only get at festivals, and you’re having the time of your life. But what about your stuff? You certainly don’t want to leave any valuables in the tent but at the same time, you’re not sure hauling your rucksack around is such a great option. You need to carry some cash, sunblock, your phone, headphones, and more. What’s the best way to move it, without losing your vibe? Again, bag choice is vital. But so is security, as three days in a muddy field without cash is no fun at all.


The Bag Choice

Scan the crowd at any festival and you will see all kinds of bags being hauled around in a range of colours and designs, from stripy totes to mini backpacks. But not all bags are created equal when it comes to this type of thing, so think fashion, security, and practicality when you make your choice.


totes carnivalista


Totes are pretty but cumbersome and all too easy to reach into. The newest backpacks are also really cute and have the advantage of leaving your hands free for dancing but can be a security risk. One bag blast from the past that we are loving right now is the bum bag or pouch. No, don’t run away in fashion horror just yet. They are having a serious fashion moment, come in unexpectedly pretty designs and have the advantage of being practical and safe. Give them a try – we dare you. Wear them diagonally across the body to be at the front of the fashion pack.     


Anything Else?

Be aware of your surroundings. Unfortunately, festivals can be a beacon for pickpockets and thieves and it’s just not worth taking a risk with your safety and security. Make sure you also limit your alcohol intake and stay close to your group. You want this festival to be one you remember for all of the right reasons.  


At a Party…

 It’s summer. The temperature is rising. And that means just one thing, a pile of invitations to house parties, barbecues, and celebrations. A chance to enjoy the sunshine and good company without fighting with the crowds at your favourite summer spots or paying crazy cocktail prices at your local bars and restaurants. In fact, a house party filled with family and friends can be one of the best things about summer. But like all outdoor events, it can be frustrating to hoist round a huge bag of stuff. Instead, get smart with a bag that will never slow you down.  


The Bag Choice

A party gives you a little more flexibility than public events, as a private get together is usually more secure than events that are open to all. So, you can choose a bag that you love, and one that looks great with your outfit, whatever the style. We say you can’t go wrong with a crossbody at a house party; they are pretty, on the small side and leave your hands free for eating, drinking, and dancing!


Anything Else?


carnivalista backpack


Bored of your bag at a party? Ask the host if they have a safe space you can stow it while you enjoy yourself. Always ask where it will be safe to leave, as it’s all too easy for someone to accidently walk off with your favourite handbag if you just toss it on the couch or leave it around the garden. Be smart with your stuff, wherever you are. 


At Carnival … 

Did we mention that we love Carnival? In fact, we love, love, love carnival, so making sure our handbag not only works with our look but doesn’t distract from it is key. The glitter, the glam and the all-out energy at our favourite carnival events means that handbags have a lot to live up too. Whether you’re up on a truck doing your thing or enjoying the buzz of the crowd, no one wants to pair their day bag with a carefully constructed carnival look. But the truth is that some of our amazing outfits don’t leave a whole lot of room for storage. So, just what is a girl to do?


The Bag Choice

This can be a tough one as any type of handbag can ruin the line of your carnival look in seconds. You could try a pouch or bum bag, but again, this can quickly turn your sleek carnival outfit into something a little bulky and less special. We love Carnivalista Pumps which allows you to carry everything you need while keeping your look picture perfect. It’s also an easy way to keep your stuff secure while leaving your hands free to dance and quite literally, ‘pump’. Learn more about it, below.


Anything Else?

 Carnival can mean long, sometimes tiring days, and although you want to travel light, it’s essential you have access to everything you need. Think about everything from makeup to medication, sunblock, and hand sanitiser. Choose mini bottles wherever you can to make sure you’re prepared for a day of amazing music, great dancing, and a very special carnival vibe. Grab your pouch or your Pumps and get out there.



The Pumps Factor


carnivalista pumps


We love out handbags but know they can get in the way. Especially at outdoor events like carnivals, concerts, and festivals. So, our clever designers have come up with Carnivalista Pumps. A bag that isn’t a bag at all. This awesome, neutral pouch slips over your wrist and finger to keep your essentials, literally, at your fingertips. Stow your phone, cash, lip-gloss and any other must-haves with no fuss and no drama. It’s also super secure with a zipper and push button to keep your favourite stuff safe. Your handbag game just got transformed. Available in two skin-coloured shade and the statement Black, Pumps is a must-have for women who want to travel light and look amazing.


We hope you have been inspired to make smart handbag choices whatever you have planned for this summer. Your bag should look great, never get in your way, and always keep your favourite things exactly where you can find them. Check out Carnivalista Pumps today and see if it could be the gamechanger your handbag collection needs. 


What’s your handbag hack for those events where a regular handbag just won’t cut it? Share your pro tips in the comments below. 

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