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Saying yes to honey legs from Carnivalista

Last year for Trinidad Carnival I had a particularly extensive debate about whether or not I would be playing mas. The indecisiveness is part of our process. On Ash Wednesday you make pacts and start looking at dates for the following year. By August you should be booking flights but for some reason you hesitate. You think you have time. By December, mid face-stuffing at every Holiday party you can find, you figure you might miss this one and hit the next. But as soon as the first Power Soca drops, you're in the gym and ready to go. Why are Caribbean people like this? We know we can't stay away. Perhaps the procrastination excites us.

For me, the game went on until February. My costume was bought and sold, and I was convinced I would not make it. All it took was a little bout of FOMO and the non-refundable $200 fee to cancel my flight, and my mind was changed two weeks before touching road. Clearly I like working under pressure.

Toting my Winter bod to Trinidad, I scrambled together Monday Wear, fete tickets, J'ouvert and wristbands for Mas. Putting together looks in New York at the last minute in the dead cold, was challenging. The stockings though, I felt I had in the bag. Fishnets are the go-to now, and we were in stockings season. I grabbed up two nude pairs and never thought twice.

While everything else could have easily gone to shit with the amount of running around I had to do, I felt like my stockings were set. WRONG.

First off, "Nude" for you, may not be nude for me. So.... that colour did not match. I thought it was close enough, and since they were fishnets, it wouldn't really show, but nope. It mattered. You know how too light make up looks ashy on your face? well... my legs were having a similar experience.

Then there was the waistband. I figured I would cut it or roll it down. NOPE. This wasn't constructed for that. If I cut them they would unravel. If I rolled them down, my extra pounds would triple over into the muffin top of the year. So I wore them high, with my fanny pack over the band in an effort to conceal. Now I have a stocking waist band tan line, as well as a fanny pack tan line, cuz the stockings kept riding down below the belt bag.

So now that the dance recommences with Trinidad Carnival 2020 around the corner, I want to make sure that if I do make an appearance, the stockings are sorted first.

I got in touch with Carnivalista and tried two of their styles. My "flavour" is definitely Honey. Isn't it cute how they call the shades "Flavours"? There is such a variety of tones, solving the my-nude-your-nude issue. No ashy legs! I got the Naked style, which is a matte finish that simply looks like your skin (if your legs were perfectly smooth and toned). I also got the Gliss style, which has these tiny rose embellishments placed on the legs and bootaye. They left them off of the inner thigh area to prevent irritation from rubbing. Smart! They create a subtle but beautiful sparkle that wouldn't clash with any costume.


carnivalista rhinestone fishnet tights skintone

As for the waistband, they incorporate a Blendina waistband; a custom created ultra thin waistband blended into the fishnet weave for a flawless finish. I see it's done slightly wider for plus size for more comfort.

I'm excited at the possibility of wearing these for Carnival. My only regret was not ordering them last year. I totally could have, as they got to me so fast! My last-minuteness would not have been a problem. I do love fishnets over traditional stockings for several reasons. They're definitely more comfortable and breathable. You still get the feeling of being covered though, despite the size if the net holes. They don't run, so you can be a bit wilder on the road.

I am so sold on the Carnivalista brand for Carnival and festivals or just when I want some great comfy fishnets for a lewk. If you want to try them out, here's how you get in touch:

Main IG page @carnivalista

Second page @carnivalistaflavourfinder to find your perfect shade match

Website: www.carnivalista.com (Orders ship from the US)


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