As women of color we have grown up in an era where skin-toned underwear and accessories were not part of our vocabulary. After searching for skin toned items and being constantly presented with one shade of “Tan” we felt the need to bring something to the market for ourselves and every woman like us.

Carnivalista started as an online boutique specialising in skin toned fishnet hosiery for Carnivals. After becoming frustrated with dyeing “tan” colored tights in coffee granules to match our skin tone, we felt the need to create something for women like ourselves. And from that moment, the brand Carnivalista was born.

Today, Carnivalista is home to a range of carnival and festival enthusiasts who love the complementing look of fishnet hosiery with their costumes and party wear. Whether the customer is looking for a natural finish or an elegant and glamorous rhinestone shimmer, Carnivalista offers fishnets and accessories in every taste, flavor and size.

The Carnivalista shade range is truly unique because it was custom created. Being of Caribbean heritage, we found the best way to match our samples, is with real women from our sun-kissed lands; who found it equally as difficult to find their perfect shades in stores or online. The Carnivalista flavors: Vanilla, Toffee, Honey, Cinnamon, Truffle and Cocoa are a symbol of the many beautiful skin tones of women from the Caribbean islands.

There is no other hosiery and accessory provider that has turned everyday items into elegant necessities for any trendy high fashion outfit or costume. As a company, the Carnivalista brand is focussed on promoting key values such as creativity, luxury, and body positivity. Our goal is to make any person from any background feel excited to wear Carnivalista items. We will always make sure that women of color are at the forefront of all of our ideas and innovations.

Support us in creating the best items for the women who deserve it!

Owned by women of colour.

Owning our image, owning our power.


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